Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Sunday Post #68: A Packed Weekend

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Last weekend I finally was able to catch up on some sleep and this week it was back to work again. But I definitely felt so much better. It was a busy week with work from Monday till Friday but it was all good. The week was busy, but not too busy. And since the weather was very nice Monday till Wednesday I was able to take my scooter to work. And that means no traffic jams. What definitely makes me very happy!

On Friday night my husband and I had a dinner date with one of my girlfriends and her boyfriend. It had been a while since we did something with just the four of us, and it was a very fun evening. After dinner, we went to this café were we had some drinks. We laughed a lot and so hard my stomach hurt. It was the perfect evening to start the weekend.

Saturday, today, was also a busy day. I had to do some shopping in the city and it took a lot longer than I anticipated. When I came home I was super excited to see the new ‘Harry  Potter: A History of Magic’ book finally arrived. It’s a gorgeous book! But unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time to look into it. I’ve planned some time for that this Sunday.

A lot of the following afternoon was spend helping my husband with repairing the water tap. Sounds like an easy thing, but it took hours to get it fixed. Nothing fitted the right way and it was very stressful. Especially since we weren’t able to put the water back on. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to use the toilet during the night. But thankfully it worked.

Saturday evening, we went to my mom’s house and had a nice dinner with her and her boyfriend. And Sunday, we have to wake up early to go to my little nieces baptism. Definitely a busy weekend!

Books & Blogging:

Last weekend Maureen’s Books Promotions own website went life. I’m super excited about that. I’m still working on it, but I’m happy with the way it looks so far. If you’re able to visit, let me know what you think. ;)

I also updated my Pinterest account. I’m still not really good with it, but if you’re on their let me know and I’ll follow you! I'm slowly getting better! ;)

This week I definitely had some more reading time and I hope to get some more Sunday afternoon. I also managed to blog a little every evening, which is my goal to make the rest of the week a little easier.

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Five Things I've Learned As A Blogger

I have been a book blogger for three and a half years now. And I definitely learned a lot during these last view years about blogging and the book blogging world. There have been moments where I didn’t want to do anything else than blogging. There have been moments where I’ve wished I could just take a break. But above all I’ve been loving every step I made as a blogger. There have been great experiences, and terrible experiences. I tried new things and succeeded but also failed miserable. But most importantly I love blogging even more today than I did the day I started. And today I’d like to share five things I’ve learned as a blogger. 

  • As a book blogger you definitely need to be able to plan. Especially if you have a full time job next to your book blogger life. Off course there are some book bloggers that don’t plan at all, but I found that being good in planning made my book blogging life a lot easier. I have this planner where I write everything in down. (Yes I still write things down, because that works the best for me.) I plan my posts at least a week ahead so I know what I have to do. I try to also prepare the posts, and this keeps going better and better, but even having posts only written down in my planner helps me to juggle my busy life. I even plan days where I don’t do anything else then writing posts.  
  • You can’t accept every review request! This is something I learned the hard way. When I just started this blog I was overwhelmed with all the review requests I received. I was just in awe. Authors wanted me to read their book? Wow! I loved it. And I accepted every single request. Even if there where books I didn’t really think I would love. In the beginning this worked for me. But soon I had so many books to read, that I found myself getting stressed because I wasn’t able to read everything, next to working fulltime. And I didn’t enjoy the actual reading anymore.  Thankfully, I was able to stop myself before I really lost the joy of reading. Now I read every review request, but try to honestly accept which books interest me. And when I am too busy to even read those, I decline with a kind email thanking them for thinking of me. 
  • Being honest in you reviews isn’t always easy, and sometimes it even gives you some very unkind responses but to me it is crucial. When you are asked to review a book, it is your responsibility as a book blogger, and reader to be honest. What did you really think about the book? What did you like? What did you dislike? Honesty is was the author asked when you got the review request. But this doesn’t mean you have to be rude about it. I can honestly say I’m never unkind or rude in my reviews. Even when I really didn’t like a book, I try to write my reviews in a way that doesn’t ‘hurt’. Because let’s face it, authors put their heart and souls into their writing and I wouldn’t be able to even write one chapter.  
  • The book blogging community is a nice, kind and loveable community. Not only our love of books is what binds us, but also our ability to keep talking about great characters, beautiful book covers and amazing authors is what I think that makes the book blogger community amazing. I’ve come into contact with so many great authors and book lovers that I can’t imagine my life without them.  
  • You don’t have to post every day! When I started blogging, and even until early this year, I thought I needed to post something on my blog every day to keep people interested. I would wake up early to make a lot of posts, I signed up as a tour host for several bloggers and I would try to think desperately for new post ideas. Don’t do that! You’ll only stress yourself out. If you have enough posts for every day, great. But if you don’t? That’s great too! Blogging should be fun and stressing yourself out isn’t helpful at all. Now I post four, five and sometimes only three times a week. And I still get visitors!   

Remember.. Blogging should be fun and you need to find out what works for you to make this a great experience. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

My Favorite.. Book I Wish They Made a Movie Off

My Favorite.. is a weekly meme hosted by Maureen’s Books. In this meme we share every week something we love with each other. Because let’s face it.. The world can be a dark place and it’s time to share something positive. For more info: My Favorite Meme.

There are many books out there I wished they’ve made a Movie off. But when  I thought of this particular My Favorite subject, I immediately thought of The Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa. 

I read the first book in The Iron Fey series ‘The Iron King’ in 2013 and completely fell in love with that series. After reading the first book, I was unstoppable and read the others too. I haven’t read all the novella’s in this series, but I still plan on doing that one day. It’s just an amazing series. Fantasy, Fairytale bits, Romance.. I love it!

And this is a series I definitely thought they would make into a movie or a tv series. If you ask me this book series has everything you’ll need in a good movie. And I know Julie Kagawa has a pretty big fanbase, so a movie would probably be a win. But what do I know! :)

Have you read The Iron Fey series? What book did you wish they made a movie off?

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Review 'Mageborn' by Stephen Aryan
It's been ten years since the battlemage war, where thousands died as mages sundered the earth and split the sky. 

Habreel believes eradicating magic is the only way to ensure a lasting peace. He will do anything to achieve his goal, even if it means murdering every child born with the ability. 

As deaths involving magic increase and the seat of magical learning - the Red Tower - falls under suspicion, two students and one lawbringer must do everything they can to combat Habreel and his followers, before magic disappears from the world for good.

The Facts:

Publication Date:
October 3rd, 2017
Age of Dread #1
eBook, Paperback, Audio
Available at:

My Review:

I haven’t been reading a lot of fantasy lately. But when I read the book description of ‘Mageborn’, I found myself being excited to read this one. And when I saw that cover, I got even more excited. That cover is just so damn pretty!

From the moment I started reading ‘Mageborn’ I found myself being intrigued by this read. The setting of the world was really interesting and I loved getting to know it bit by bit. It still took me a little while to really get into this story, but this didn’t bother me at all. The whole setting around the ‘Red Tower’ was really interesting and it made me want to keep on reading. 

The characters Stephen Aryan wrote were also really interesting to read about. But there were a lot of them, and especially in the beginning I had some trouble keeping everyone apart. I would have liked the opportunity to get to know some of the characters a little more too. For example Wren. I loved that character and found myself looking forward to reading Wren’s point of view above that of other characters. 

As a fantasy novel, Mageborn was definitely a good one. But I still found myself being unable to be completely hooked to this read. I don’t know why exactly, but there was just something I missed. 

Overall, Mageborn was an interesting and fun read. And I’d definitely like to read more in this series!

My Rating:

About the Author:

Stephen Aryan was born in 1977 and was raised and educated in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear. After graduating from Loughborough University he started working in marketing, and for some reason he hasn’t stopped. A keen podcaster, lapsed gamer and wannabe forest ranger, when not extolling the virtues of Babylon 5, he can be found drinking real ale and reading comics. He lives in the West Midlands with his partner and two cats.

For more information about Stephen Aryan please visit his website. Or visit him on Twitter and Facebook.

I received this book from the Little, Brown Book Group in exchange for my honest review.
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